This is the place where you can kinda “scratch” with bits of time and space, like DJs use to do with vinyl records. It contains the shots of clouds and the sky mostly, my favourite theme.
It all started with my visit on http://www.ertdfgcvb.ch/ and stopmotion experiments there. I was impressed by the moving clouds shots, the way they biuld, move, transform. Ever since I wanted to create my own sequences. It took me some time to get the proper gear and improve my first not so perfect shooting technique. At the beginning I pressed the shutter manually, while looking at my watch same time to get accurate intervals between the frames. Now I’m using Canon’s TC80-N3 timer and can enjoy the views while shooting.

Hope you’ll enjoy playing with the movies. Not a secret that the files aren’t the small ones which makes this blog an entertainment for bored owners of fast internet connections… or the patient ones :)